Dangerous Grates in Monroe County

Dangerous storm water grates have long openings parallel to the street. A bicycle wheel can penetrate deeply into these grates and thus throw the rider and/or damage a bicycle.

* When you click the link below you will bring up a map of Monroe County.

* Each of the colored dots on the map represents a set of grates.

* Some grates have bars welded across them to make them safe.

* Red dot: some of the grates are dangerous.

* Purple dot: some grates have bars, no dangerous grates with less than three bars.

* A blue dot: dangerous grates have been replaced, no grates with bars.

* Click on a colored dot to bring up the list of grates in Monroe County.

* Information about the dot location will be positioned at the top of your browser window.

* If more than one, the number of grates in the set is given in parenthesis.

* Click here to bring up the Monroe County Map. Click here to bring up a list of dangerous grates.