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Route NameDistance LongDistance ShortStart/FinishGPS
Airport Ride 23 miles ===23Sherwood Oaks
Airport-Karst ===25Bryan Parkgpx
Almost a Dam Ride ===25Sherwood Oaks
Almost to Ellettsville 25.5-30 miles ===3025.5Bryan Parkgpx
Amblin_Around ===35.5Bryan Parkgpx
Around Boltinghouse Cruise TR2216Bryan ParkGPS
Around Lake Lemon 23.5-38 miles ===3823.5Bryan Parkgpx
Around Lake Monroe 23-37.5 miles ===37.523Bryan Parkgpx
B Line 25 miles ===25Butler Park
Bartlettsville TR5244Bryan ParkGPS
Best Ride in Indiana 56 ===56Jay C ColumbusGPS
Bethel Lane ===17Sherwood Oaks
Bloomfield Covered Bridge TR8250Bryan ParkGPS
Boltinghouse Challenge ===24Sherwood Oaks
Bottom_Bethel ===27Bryan Parkgpx
Bottoms Up 25 miles ===26Bryan Parkgpx
Bridge Out ===18.5Sherwood Oaks
Bryan Park to Spring Mill ===9445Bryan ParkGPS
BSSM (Escarpment Ride) ===102BrownstownGPS
Cataract Falls Berger 89 89Bryan ParkGPS
Cedar Bluff 50 Mile Option ===50Bryan ParkGPS
Cedar Bluff Nature Preserve TR2617Bryan Park
Circle North 26 miles ===26Bryan Parkgpx
Circle South ===22.515Sherwood Oaks
Circle_West ===33Bryan Parkgpx
Cordry-Sweetwater Lakes TR8055Bryan Park
Cutright 24.5 miles ===24.5Bryan Parkgpx
Cutright SRA 23 miles ===23Sherwood Oaks
Cutright_Out-n-Back ===24Bryan Parkgpx
Delap 29.75 miles ===29.75Bryan Parkgpx
Double Creek 22.5 miles ===22.5Bryan Parkgpx
Down Boltinghouse 24 miles ===24Sherwood Oaks
Downhill Racer 28 mile ===28Bryan Parkgpx
Dr. T's Funky 50 TR50Bryan ParkGPS
eeeee-Harmony 27.5 miles ===27.5Bryan Parkgpx
Ellettsville Ride TR23Bryan ParkGPS
Ellettsville Ride 23-29.5 miles ===29.523Bryan Parkgpx
Ellettsville_Loop ===23.5Bryan Parkgpx
Ellettsville_Roundabout ===32Bryan Parkgpx
Elstigospewhi ===57Bryan ParkGPS
Fluck Mill TR22Bryan Park
Fluck Mill 20 miles ===20Sherwood Oaks
Fluke Mill ===22.5Sherwood Oaks
Gerrymander ===38Bryan Parkgpx
Gerrymander 25-38 miles ===3825Bryan Parkgpx
Go_Fish ===38.5Bryan Parkgpx
Gone_to_Paragon ===42Bryan Parkgpx
Gourmet_Popcorn ===35.5Bryan Parkgpx
Griffy Lake Ride TR1712Bryan Park
Hardin Ridge 32 miles ===32Bryan Parkgpx
Harmony Grits 26 miles ===26Sherwood Oaks
Harmony Hills Training Ride #3 TR2420Bryan Park
Harrodsburg Ride 24.5-28.5-34.5 miles ===34.524.5Bryan Parkgpx
Harrodsburg_Harmony ===33.7Bryan Parkgpx
Hello Dali TR10Bryan Park
Hendricksville Ride to Rosies's TR3224Bryan ParkGPS
Hill Tops & Traffic - Training Route #4 TR2622Bryan Park
Hobbieville Ride TR4731Bryan Park
Hoosier Hills 60K TR40Bryan Park
Hoosier Hills Routes TR6513Jackson Creek School
Ins and Outs of Bloomington TRNABryan Park
Joe Palooka Ride to Oolitic TR5539Bryan Park
Joe's Clay City Almost a Century TR96Bryan Park
Judah_Logan ===40Bryan Parkgpx
Karst Farm 23.5 miles ===23.5Bryan Parkgpx
Karst Farm Park 25 miles ===25Sherwood Oaks
Lake Monroe -- The Short Route TR1915Bryan Park
Larry Limestone ===57HeltonvilleGPS
Lawson Loop 26.5 miles ===26.5Sherwood Oaks
Legbreaker ===33.5Bryan Parkgpx
Leonard Springs Cruise 25 miles ===25Sherwood Oaks
Limestone Tour 26-34 miles ===3426Bryan Parkgpx
Long Way Round Rosie's 25.5-37.5 miles ===37.525.5Bryan Parkgpx
Long_Way_Round Lake_Monroe ===40Bryan Parkgpx
Lost_Man ===35Bryan Parkgpx
Low Gap to Martinsville - The Touchables TR5126Bryan ParkGPS
M&M Ride (Martinsville - Mahalasville) TR60Bryan Park
Madison - Rudy's Savage Double Century TR200Bryan Park
Maple Grove Groove ===3425.5Sherwood Oaks
Maple-Russell_Workout ===30Bryan Parkgpx
McCormick's Creek Day Loops TR8927Bryan Park
McCormick's Creek State Park -- Breakfast Ride TR4541Bryan Park
McVille Newark & Solsberry TR4540Bryan Park
Mooresville Madness 9797Bryan ParkGPS
Morgan Monroe State Forest TR37Bryan Park
Morgan-Monroe ===32.8Bryan Parkgpx
Morgan-Monroe Forest Ride 27-34 miles ===3427Bryan Parkgpx
Muscatatuck & Beyond 24-28.5-32.5 miles ===32.224Bryan Parkgpx
Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge & Beyond TR3329Bryan ParkGPS
Muscatatuck_Backward_&_Beyond ===35Bryan Parkgpx
Nashville 90 TR90Bryan Park
Nashville Ride TR5533Bryan ParkGPS
Nice & Easy to Lake Monroe TR23Bryan Park
NiceNEasy - East Side ===24Bryan Park
NiceNEasy - Ketcham Runaround ===22Bryan Park
NiceNEasy - Muscatatuck ===24Bryan Park
NiceNEasy - Waterworks ===19Bryan Park
NiceNEasy - West Side ===25Bryan Park
Northern Heights - Training Ride #2 TR2219Bryan Park
Over_the_Crest ===34Bryan Parkgpx
Pain_Blossoms ===40Bryan Parkgpx
Paragon 22-29-38 miles ===3822Bryan Parkgpx
Paragon Ride TR4438Bryan Park
Pine Grove & Shawnee Bluff TR2417Bryan Park
Pine Grove Out-n-Back 19 miles ===19Sherwood Oaks
Pointe South 22 miles ===22Sherwood Oaks
Popcorn Ride TR4630Bryan Park
Quad Creek 25-31 miles ===3125Bryan Parkgpx
Ramp_It_Up ===28Bryan Parkgpx
Reverse_Triple_Creek ===25Bryan Parkgpx
Ride Around Bloomington TR54Bryan Park
Ride to Rosie's 29.5 miles ===29.5Bryan Parkgpx
Ring_Around_Rosie ===35.8Bryan Parkgpx
Roaming_the_Back_Roads ===33.75Bryan Parkgpx
Rock_It_East ===35Bryan Parkgpx
Rockcrusher ===26Bryan Park
Rockcrusher Ride 26 miles ===26Sherwood Oaks
Rockcrusher Ride South 25-32.5 miles ===32.525Bryan Parkgpx
Rockcrusher_South ===36.5Bryan Parkgpx
Rollin' on Robinson 26 miles ===26Sherwood Oaks
Rosie's_the_Long_Way ===37Bryan Parkgpx
Round_Robinson ===23.7Bryan Parkgpx
Round_Rosie's ===28.8Bryan Parkgpx
Rt 446 Out-n-Back ===30.525Sherwood Oaks
Rt 446-Pine Grove-Stipp ===20Sherwood Oaks
Rush Ridge ===20Sherwood Oaks
Rush to the Ridge 20.5 miles ===20.5Sherwood Oaks
Russell Road-Long 22 miles ===22Sherwood Oaks
Russell Road-Short 19 miles ===19Sherwood Oaks
Scenic Shilo 26-30.5 miles ===30.526Bryan Parkgpx
Shilo Shuffle 28-34.5 miles ===34.528Bryan Parkgpx
Shuffle Along 27 miles ===27Bryan Parkgpx
Shuffle_to_Tunnel ===29Bryan Parkgpx
Sieboldt Quarry 26-35.5 miles ===35.526Bryan Parkgpx
Smithville 24 miles ===24Bryan Parkgpx
Snoopy ===27Sherwood Oaks
South Shore 23-27-34 miles ===3423Bryan Parkgpx
Southbound and Down 24-34 miles ===3424Bryan Parkgpx
Southbound_&_Down ===31Bryan Parkgpx
Southern Loop 30 miles ===30Bryan Parkgpx
Spencer Circuit and Spencer Hilly ===6645Bryan Park
Spring Mill to Leavenworth 96 ===9663Spring MillGPS
Stanford Ride ===28.524Sherwood Oaks
Stinesville ===37.5Bryan Parkgpx
Stinesville 24-37 miles ===3724Bryan Parkgpx
Take the Tram 19 miles ===19Sherwood Oaks
Texas Ridge to Gosport TR4739Bryan ParkGPS
That Clear Creek Trail Ride TR1711Bryan Park
That's the Pointe 26 miles ===26Bryan Parkgpx
The Limestone Tour - Kirksville & Stanford TR3223Bryan ParkGPS
The Mortarboard Mosey TR3015Bryan Park
The Tulip Trestle - A Yoo Hoo at Yoho's TR5240Bryan Park
The Wineries Ride (Oliver Butler & Possom Trot) TR4424Bryan Park
To The Pointe 21 miles ===21Sherwood Oaks
Tour de Boat Ramps TR7444Bryan Park
Tour de Ville - Gatesville & Nashville TR6459Bryan Park
Tour D'Sewer TR22Bryan Park
Tramway Tour SML ===3322Sherwood Oaks
Trek to Hindustan 29.5 miles ===29.5Bryan Parkgpx
Trek_to_Hindustan ===29.4Bryan Parkgpx
Triple Creek 24 miles ===24Sherwood Oaks
Triple Creek -Training Ride #1 TR2516Bryan Park
Up the Dam Hill 24 miles ===24Sherwood Oaks
Up_the_Dam_Hill ===25.8Bryan Parkgpx
Ups and Downs 27 miles ===27Bryan Parkgpx
Victor-Rockport 23 miles ===23Sherwood Oaks
Wanderlust ===32Bryan Parkgpx
Western Ramble 35 miles ===3524Bryan Parkgpx
Westward_Ho ===34Bryan Parkgpx
Wild Ride to Wilbur TR78Bryan Park
Williams Covered Bridge TR7057Bryan Park
Relax-Clear_Creek_Church_ 2121Clear Creek ChurchGPS
Relax-Lower_Cascades_Park_2020Lower Cascades ParkGPS
Relax-University_Elementary_2020University Elementary ScGPS
Relax-Sherwood_Oaks_Christian_Church_2020Sherwood OaksGPS